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Frequently asked questions .

  • Why is there no prices on the tyres ?

Prices are normally made in US dollars and this is never constant , also Tyre manufacturing is very volatile with regards Natural Rubber prices and carbon black prices . Prices today could be higher or lower in a day or so , this would create to big a headache to track each individual tyre size..



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  • Why so many different Tyre Companies in your portfolio ?
We have a good relationship with this quantity of manufacturers as some only produce Car Tyres  , some only Truck and some specialise in Earthmover tyres, or solids.
Some manufacturers make high end product whilst some aim purely at low cost budget tyre production . 
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  • Why should any Customer use Tyre Importers Uk - Spain instead of simply getting in touch direct ?
Well of course you could but in all probability you would pay more !  You would spend a lot of time on reaching the right contacts and would have many a sleepness night over going that way .
Our Fees come from the manufacturer NOT the Customer so why on earth NOT use us , we save money and a hell of a lot of headaches.



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  • Why is there not full pictures of every Tyre in detail from each manufacturer ?

The Range on offer is immense produced by the manufacturers , we try as best as possible to get as much info as we can but in time you will realise a few manufactures feel that a tyre is a tyre and so the size is enough !  Something we are regularly changing with them , and you will notice some new modern design brochures appearing as time goes on. 

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